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2014 Dodge Grand Caravan

  • 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan

    Dodge Grand Caravan
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Remove wheels from vehicle. Computer spin balance. Reinstall wheels to vehicle and torque lug nuts to manufacturer's specifications.
    • Road test vehicle. Check all suspension and steering parts for wear. Check tire pressure and condition. Check riding height. Check caster and camber and toe in. Make adjustments where needed.
    • Lube, Oil & Filter Service: Includes Drain and Refill Engine w/ Oil, Replace Oil Filter.
    • ENGINE OR TRANSMISSION MOUNT – Remove & Replace – Engine,Front
    • ENGINE OR TRANSMISSION MOUNT – Remove & Replace – Engine,Right Side
    • TRANSAXLE OIL FILTER – Remove & Replace
    • OIL COOLER HOSE – Remove & Replace – Auxiliary Cooler,Hose,Tube/Hose Assembly
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